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Leading Agile Teams

Everything you need to get started to have your teams embrace an agile mindset

Data Science

Have your teams deliver data products using a more experimental and iterative approach

Enterprise Agility for Dummies

Discover the Enterprise frameworks that help with your agile transformation

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Lead teams that use Artificial Intelligence tools

About Doug Rose

In my junior year of college I put all my possessions in a storage facility located in the basement of my apartment complex. In the fall when I returned I saw that someone had pried open the lock and emptied the storage unit of everything but one towel 💸. After a discussion with the building owners they decided it was in everyone’s best interest to partially compensate me for all of my lost possessions. I took the check and bought a small coffee pot and a brand-new Macintosh SE/30.

That year I learned all the ins-and-outs of that little Macintosh computer. When I graduated in the spring and moved to Chicago and I found that not many organizations were interested in my BA in English. But they were very interested in my knowledge and expertise in computers. So I turned what I thought was a hobby into a full-time job.

Over the years my job as a computer tech turned into a career in networking. Then later it turned into a career in network consulting. Just before the .com bubble burst I decided to go to law school in the hopes of becoming a patent attorney. The first year and I realized that patent law was not as interesting as it sounded. So I rolled that into a dual Masters degree in law and information management.

When I graduated I started my own business rolling technology projects for large organizations. One of my largest contracts was with a large urban school district. They didn’t have a huge budget but they allowed me to experiment with some of the latest technology. In 2003, I developed a large software product for them using a new technique called agile software development.

When the agile mindset took over software development, I was one of the few people that had nearly half a decade experience with agile teams. In the years that followed I started to develop an expertise in agile data products. This was using the agile mindset with data science teams. More recently I’ve been using artificial intelligence tools to help organizations develop better data products.

Over the years I’ve written several books on many of these topics. I’ve also developed a few dozen courses that have been viewed by over 5 million students.

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