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This course is about taking your first steps to become a technical product manager. It starts by going over some basic questions such as what is a technical product manager? Then you'll see how the role connects the business with technology. You'll see how technical product management relates to Scrum, agile and project management. Then you'll get an overview of some core technology concepts such as software development, databases and even statistics. Finally, you'll see some of the latest concepts in technical product management such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup. If you're interested in becoming a technical product manager for cutting edge products, then this course is a great place to start.

This 45-minute introduction to data science will help you see how to succeed as a data science team. Data science teams are different from typical project management teams.  They focus more on discovery than delivery.  This means that you should structure your team in a way that encourages them to experiment and find new information. This presentation will give you an overview of typical data science team roles plus ways to work better together so your team can discover something new.

Welcome to comprehensive agile coaching. This six-hour course will go over many of the key concepts of the agile mindset. It begins by going over how software development was treated the same way as manufacturing. So a lot of the early software projects use day traditional phased approach to deliver a finished software product. Later developers started to think up lightweight approaches to deliver software. These became some of the same foundational concepts for the agile manifesto. Then over 20 years organizations expanded and embraced these agile concepts. They created enterprise agile frameworks to deal with complex organizations that need to coordinate dozens or even hundreds of products. Some organizations have started to use some of these agile ideas to rework the entire organization. This course will cover all these concepts and more to prepare you to become a top-notch agile coach.

With artificial intelligence products you don't build out products you discover them. This means that your organization and management should be structured in a way that encourage teams to discover.  So instead of focusing on milestones, features, and deliverables your team should focus on learning something new about your data and your customer. This 35-minute presentation will give you an overview of how to get started with this shift in your organization's mindset.

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