Registration For Doug Rose's Comprehensive Agile Coaching Is Opening On Monday, the 7th of December

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Introducing the Simple Lean Agile Mindmap (SLAM) and how it shows everything you need to know to be an agile coach

How to get started by looking at the three levels of an organization.  There’s the team, enterprise and business

The simple thing you can do right now to take your first step to becoming a top-notch agile coach

What you need to be a successful agile coach

A detailed breakdown of the three levels of the Simple Lean Agile Mindmap (SLAM) and how they fit together

How a longtime project manager used the Mindmap to start an agile center of excellence

The next steps to take to use the Mindmap to become a top-notch agile coach

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Unfortunately, I can only work with a hand-full of people at the same time. This course will cover a lot of material in the agile mindset. So I like to keep the course small to help people succeed.

When registration for a new class opens, you need to sign up as soon as you see it. One reason why I’ve created an early-bird waitlist is so you can get access before the public. But to secure your spot you need to act immediately when you get an email to register.

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A lot of people have already signed up for the early-bird waitlist. But if you follow the instructions above you should be able to get a spot.

Your Class Instructor
Doug Rose
Author and Agile Coach

Doug has been an agile coach for close to fifteen years, he has helped fortune 100 companies embrace a more agile mindset.  Along the way he’s coached and trained hundreds of students in-person and over five million students online.  He’s also written three books on the agile mindset and teaches at a top university.  Now he coaches-the-coaches on how they can transform their organization or how they can work as an agile business consultant.