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Which One of The Following BEST Describes YOU?

Choose from one of the three options that most resembles what you're currently interested in to enhance your career.

1. You Want To Learn About Agile and Scrum

Your teams can deliver products quickly and at a higher quality if it embraces an agile mindset. These books and courses cover key practices and principles to help your teams embrace agility.
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2. You Want to Work in a Data Science Team

After years of collecting big data, many organizations are now looking to extract real value from these massive datasets. These books and courses show how your data science team can create top data products.
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3. You're Interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows your team to see patterns in your data that would be otherwise impossible for humans to detect. These books and courses show how AI gives you key insights that help you build better products.
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Doug Rose specializes in helping high-tech teams work better together. He coaches at Fortune 100 companies and offers management and technology training. Over 5 million students have taken his courses online.
  • Janice Lodato

    Senior Technical Project Manager
    We manage a system of over 2.74 PB of cancer genomic data for the National Cancer Institute. By following Doug’s methodology, we were able to create a cohesive team that delivers on time and on budget.
  • Kathy (Esler) Conyers

    Chief Information Officer at Civil Air Patrol
    Doug met the needs of the people in attendance at the workshop. We have experienced very positive results from his training and coaching efforts -- not only in the IT Department but across the organization.
  • Taylor Horton

    Senior Director, Decision Science at Cox Automotive
    All of Doug's guidance resulted in us moving forward as an effective team. I would wholeheartedly recommend Doug and look for opportunities to work with him again in the future.